GitHub HQ (SF) | June 19, 2017

What is Sustain?

A one-day event, where we’ll talk about how to sustain open source software. It’s not a large conference with talks and keynotes, and it’s not an unconference; it’s a gather of open source contributors, maintainers, and sustainers; industry leaders and people interested in open source; and friends. The goal is to understand the long term viability of open source as a model for producing software.

How is it written? (Sustain OSS, $ustainoss, $ustainOSS, $ustain OSS)

Sustain is the name of the event. The organization is SustainOSS but @SustainOSS will do.

How many people will be there?

We expect to have somewhere around 50 people. We’d like to have more. Why don’t you sign up?

What is the price?

The regular price is $50. This goes towards day care, travel assistance, food, and unforeseen costs. We’d appreciate if you paid $100 and allowed someone else to come; if you can’t pay $50, there is also a free tier. Finally, if you’re a sponsor, a $1,000 ticket is available, and we’d feature your logo on the website and mention you at the conference as a sponsor. Everybody wins. Also note that all profits (if any) go back to the Open Source community via Open Collective or Gratipay. Projects TBD.

Will you have discounts for students?

If you are a student you can grab a free ticket while supply lasts. If you can afford a ticket, please consider purchasing one incase a student who can’t afford it can come.

What will you be serving for lunch?

Yes. More TBA.

Will there be talks?

No talks. Instead, we hired a facilitator, Gunner, from Aspiration Tech to come and help us have a roundtable discussion, where everyone can feel included.

How many days is it?

1 day.

Will there be hotel accommodations?

Not at this time. We aren’t a huge event so getting something like this is highly unlikely. If you are looking to save on stay, we recommend Airbnb.

Will there be other events in different countries?

This is the first! We’d love to have other events elsewhere - perhaps you’d like to host one?

Do you accept in-kind sponsorships?

Get in touch - these will be thought over on a case-by-case basis.

When will I receive a ticket?

You should receive a receipt immediately on donating. This can be used at the door.

What other events can you compare Sustain to?

This event is very similar to the Wontfix Cabal organized at GitHub in February 15. It’s also similar to a few other recent events - OSFeels, for instance.

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