GitHub HQ (SF) | June 19, 2017



“Sustain” will be a one day conversation for open source software sustainers. There will be no keynotes, expo halls or talks. Only a guided discussion and concrete ideas about getting and distributing money or in-kind services to the Open Source community.


This event is for anyone who cares about sustainability in open source. This might be you if:

  • You evangelize and passionately advocate for the needs of open source contributors.

  • You educate the public through blog posts, talks & social media about the digital infrastructure that they use everyday and for the most part, take for granted.

  • You convince your employer to donate money, infrastructure, goods and/or services to the community at large.

  • You talk to companies that you don’t work for about the benefits of sustaining open source for the future.

Allen “Gunner” Gunn from AspirationTech will facilitate our conversation.

The common thread that connects all facets of Gunner’s work is a focus on open approaches to capacity building and knowledge sharing in social change efforts. Aspiration prioritizes work that supports and contributes to open communities of practice who create technology and content that benefit nonprofit and foundation efforts. The organization has designed and facilitated almost 500 extremely open learning and knowledge sharing events, in over 40 countries across the globe, predicated on a philosophy of active participation that puts each participant “in control of their own destiny”, in contrast to approaches that place audiences in passive listening roles.


As Nadia Eghbal has reported in “Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure” sustaining our digital infrastructure is a new topic for many, and the challenges are not well understood. This conversation will bring together those who evangelize and passionately advocate for open source contributors needs.

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