Best Practices

Sustain is, at its ❤️, a group of people who work together to figure out how we can sustainably improve the open source ecosystem. While we don't have strict rules - we're a community, not a company! - we do have some best practices, which, over time, have grown to make it easier for us to work with each other and with new members.

This list is not exhaustive! But it is an attempt at showing newcomers how they can best engage, and for showing how we, as the long-standing members of Sustain, have managed to work together easily.

Not seeing something on this list? Add it! You can open a Pull Request at the website repo.

  • We listen more than we speak. If we're talking a lot, we're probably missing something.
  • We accept that we can always improve, without shaming or blaming anyone, including ourselves.
  • We do not merge PRs without review. If someone opens a PR on the website, they wait for someone else to merge it.