Sustain has several podcasts run by members of the community. Snuggle up by the fire, put on your running shoes, grab the dog leash, start the dishes, and have a listen!

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Sustain brings together practitioners, sustainers, funders, researchers and maintainers of the open source ecosystem. We have conversations about the health and sustainability of the open source community. We learn about the ins and outs of what ‘open source’ entails in the real world. Open source means so much more than a license; we’re interested in talking about how to make sure that the culture of open source continues, grows, and ultimately, sustains itself.

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S.O.S. Design is a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of open source and design: how design is crucial in the open source ecosystem, how designers work with coders to make open source software better, and what sustainability means for the field of open source designers. This podcast grew out of the Sustain community and Open Source Design, and seeks to share great conversations with members from both communities and the open source and design space at large.

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Let’s Talk Docs! On this podcast, we’ll be sharing with you a new concept around documentation and sustainability. We’re going to talk about how you can leverage documentation, how you can leverage content to bring more people, more attention, and more funding to your products. We’ll talk to experts who know how to write content engagingly, interview people who speak about the importance of content having goals, and talk to people who have successfully built projects, used excellent documentation, and used the content as the pillar of their success.

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The CHAOSS Community podcast features members who spent considerable time and effort to understand open source community health and how we can measure it through metrics, analytics, and software. We invite guests to this podcast to talk about how they use open source community health metrics and software in their own open source communities, companies, or foundations. This podcast fills the gap with open source community metric definitions and software on one side and their use on the other side.

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Ethics in Open Source is a podcast with a rotating cast of hosts that looks at the intersection of ethics and open source development.