Academic Working Group

Status: Active
Bottom liner: Richard Littauer
How to get involved:


  • To connect universities and other academic research institutions to collaborate on how to approach and work on open source together.


  • To build an ecosystem map of the space so that we know who is doing relevant work and how to get involved
  • To connect people working in universities, both in and outside of OSPOs
  • To enable collaboration around shared effort in academia

Guiding questions

  • What does it mean for open source to be part of academia?
  • What is the role of OSPOs in academia? What does a post-OSPO world look like?
  • How do students, researchers, civil society members, and institutions work together effectively for open source?
  • What is the wider role around research software engineers, and how can we support them as part of the open source ecosystem?

Reports, documents, and resources

An Ecosystem map will be announced in our September meeting.

How to get involved

We’ll be meeting again after a long hiatus in September, 2023. If you are interested in attending, email [email protected] or register your interest in the Open Collective Slack in the #sustainoss-academia channel.

We’ll plan on meeting the fourth Thursday of September, on the 28th, at 12:00PM ET.