Authentic Participation

Status: Active
Bottom liner: Justin W. Flory
How to get involved: Introduce yourself in the Discourse discussion thread.


To define a core set of principles of what authentic participation means in multiple contexts (e.g. corporate, individual, humanitarian/NGO, etc.).


  • Explore what Authentic Participation means from different perspectives
  • Write a draft of these Principles and release in the commons
  • Take a final draft and act as advocates for these Principles in our organizations, projects, and communities
  • Optional: Continue participation as curators of Principles over time

Guiding questions

  1. What does organizational accountability mean? What does it look like in practice?
  2. How does an organization participate in open source communities transparently and authentically?
  3. How can we create a shared, inter-organizational resource to take back to our orgs to help explain what authentic participating in open source actually looks like?
  4. How can we build social accountability into our workplaces?

Reports and documents

This discussion took place across two working sessions at Sustain 2020:


How to get involved

Drafting is still early, so how you can participate is mostly up to you. Currently, we are looking for diverse groups of people from different backgrounds to share their perspective on what they think works and what doesn’t. We don’t want to have any one group (e.g. corporations, nonprofits, humanitarian orgs, etc.) dominate the discussion. The success of these Principles depends on building a coalition of diverse people to draft and advocate these Principles.

For now, the best way to get involved is to introduce yourself on the Discourse discussion thread. Over time, there may be more opportunities to get involved. If you are interested and want to be included on email follow-up, reach out to Justin W. Flory to be included in the loop.