Climate Emergency

Status: Active
Bottom liner: Richard Littauer
How to get involved: Join us on the Discourse, or email Richard


To both hold a space for us to talk about the larger questions of open source and tech sustainability as it relates to climate change, and to provide resources for helping others navigate the issue.


  • Develop a report on climate change and open source
  • Provide resources for pushing greener practices in open source projects
  • Provide resources for lobbying local governments to pursue better climate policies when it comes to technology
  • Educate our colleagues about this issue

Guiding questions

  • What does it mean to be sustainable environmentally in tech?
  • What resources are there to help make technical work more sustainable?
  • How can we effectively galvanize the open source community to adapt to the environment effectively?
  • How can we support open source offices and efforts for environment-related NGOs?

Reports and documents

As yet, we only have the notes from the session. More will follow.


Coming soon.

How to get involved

Join us on the Discourse, or email Richard