Design & UX

Status: Active
Bottom liner: Georgia Bullen
Working Group members: Memo Esparza, Perrie Ojemeh, Eriol Fox, Bernard Tyers, Justin W. Flory, Benjamin Nickolls, Richard Littauer
How to get involved: See below.


  • Help contribute to a roadmap for how design contributes to open source sustainability
  • How design can help the sustain mindset
  • Defining / providing best practices and guidance on sustainable design
  • Storytelling about example practices


  • Create a community space for design conversations related to open source!
  • Support projects around usability, design and adoption
  • Share resources

How to get involved

This working group is meeting monthly around the 3rd or 4th week of the month. Reach out to Georgia (@georgiamoon) if you’d like to join the calls! Join the discussion on the Sustain Disourse.