Design & UX

  • Status: Active
  • Bottom-liner: rotates monthly!
  • Working Group members (alphabetically): Benjamin Nickolls, Bernard Tyers, Eriol Fox, Georgia Bullen Justin W. Flory, Memo Esparza, Perrie Ojemeh, Richard Littauer
  • How to get involved: See below.


  • Contribute to a roadmap for how design contributes to open source sustainability
  • Discuss how design intersects with the sustainability mindset
  • Explore and define best practices and guidance on sustainable design
  • Storytelling about example practices


  • Create a community space for design conversations related to open source!
  • Support projects around usability, design and adoption
  • Share resources
  • Host a fun podcast to share our conversations more widely

How to get involved

Explore our Taiga board

If you are first getting started, take a look at our Working Group kanban board. The kanban board is a tool to guide our conversations and areas of focus each meeting. It is a good place to look for what we are currently discussing and working on. project board screenshot. Used in the Sustain OSS Design & UX Working Group

Attend a meeting

Anything on the Taiga board look interesting? Do you have a new idea not yet listed to share? Come attend one of our monthly meetings and say hi!

To attend a meeting, there is nothing you have to do first. You can show up and say hello. Just bring yourself! If you have some time, share a short introduction in our Working Group intro thread.

Facilitate a meeting

After you attend a couple of meetings, you will better understand our flow and how we work on things. Try taking the reins in one meeting as a bottom-liner! Being bottom-liner means you take responsibility for that month’s meeting. Responsibilities usually include the following:

  • Prepare an agenda for that month’s meeting (from a template)
  • Follow-up on action items with individuals before the meeting
  • Facilitate conversation during that month’s call (similar to a panel moderator)
  • Ask and encourage questions to other Working Group members
  • Maintain a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for the duration of the call (with support from the Working Group!)

Take notes for a meeting

Are you a good note-taker? Do you have a talent for summarizing spoken ideas into text on-the-fly? We always need good note-takers! Not everyone can attend our meeting every month, so it is good to have thorough notes to the benefit of active members who are unable to join that month’s call. If you want to help as a note-taker, attend one of our meetings and let the meeting bottom-liner know!

Help build resources

We have a nascent GitHub repository which we will use to store documents and resources for designers and open source projects interested in design. Check it out, and submit PRs, open issues, and propose other resources we could add.

Guest star on the Sustaining Open Source Design (SOS Design) podcast

Did you know you could guest-star on the Sustaining Open Source Design podcast? Join the panelists for an episode and share what is on your mind in the Open Source design world! To reserve a spot on the show, fill out the Calendly scheduler and a host will be in touch with next steps.