Status: Active
Bottom liner: Chris Chinchilla and Pia Mancini
How to get involved: Get in touch with Chris


To inform and assist with best practices for documentation in open source projects, and also help fund documentation related tooling projects.


  • To connect those who contribute to documentation. To each other, and to projects that need help and advice.
  • To maintain a page of these resources.

Guiding questions

  • What is documentation?
  • Who writes documentation?

Reports and documents

  • Initially, there’s the notes from the Sustain Meeting. These are shared on the Google Drive, and could be turned into a report.

How to get involved

Go to #documentation on the Slack channel, or speak with Pia Mancini or Chris Chinchilla. You can also post questions in our discourse thread.

Office hours

If you would like to book a time to talk in more detail about your documentation needs, then you can also sign up for an office hours session. Note that to make these sessions useful for as many projects and people as possible, they are typically livestreamed and/or recorded.

Sign up for a session.