Status: Active
Bottom liner: Chris Chinchilla
How to get involved: Get in touch with Chris.


To bring an ethical perspective to FOSS projects, in the what we create, and the way we treat staff and contributors.


  • Create guidelines for creating Ethics boards
  • Help facilitate labor organizing
  • To normalize ethics as part of development
  • Lowering barriers for ethics in terms of legal and technology
  • Help create or facilitate tooling and education

Guiding questions

  • What does it mean to work ethically in open source?
  • How can ethics and a free and open source license coexist?
  • What does ethical enforcement and regulation look like?
  • How can we do the most moral good while also making open source software?


We have a podcast, which we make together with the Ethical Source group. Listen here.



How to get involved

For now, this group is meeting around once a month. To get involved and to help bootstrap efforts, your best bet is to get in touch with either Chris Chinchilla or Richard Littauer.