Status: Active
Bottom liner: Chris Chinchilla
How to get involved: Get in touch with Chris.


To bring an ethical perspective to FOSS projects, in the what we create, and the way we treat staff and contributors.


  • Create guidelines for creating Ethics boards
  • Help facilitate labor organizing
  • To normalize ethics as part of development
  • Lowering barriers for ethics in terms of legal and technology
  • Help create or facilitate tooling and education

Guiding questions

  • What does it mean to work ethically in open source?
  • How can ethics and a free and open source license coexist?
  • What does ethical enforcement and regulation look like?
  • How can we do the most moral good while also making open source software?

Reports and documents

None at the moment. The goal is to have guidelines for ethical work: see the Goals section above.



How to get involved

For now, this group is very low activity (largely due to other concerns during this time). To get involved and to help bootstrap efforts, your best bet is to get in touch with either Chris Chinchilla or Richard Littauer.