Governance Readiness

Status: Concluded
Bottom liner: Javier Cánovas
Further details: This working group has concluded. You can view details about it in the Discourse discussion thread


To define a methodology to identify and deploy healthy governance models.


The main goal of the working group has initially been described as:

  • Create a checklist to verify whether open source projects are ready to deploy some kind of governance (or to change their current governance for a healthy one).

You can visit the checklist website here.

Other complementary goals are:

  • Identification of analysis dimensions in open source projects. It may be needed for the assessment of the current status of the project.
  • List of possible governance models (or most used / recommended)
  • Recommendations/fixes to make your project governance-ready

Guiding questions

  • What do you understand by “governance readiness”? (e.g., ability to be governed, things to change to enable a specific governance models, etc.)
  • What do you understand by “governance checklist”? Do we aim at creating an actual checklist?
  • What should be the actual focus? (e.g., identifying governance models, proposing a change in the model, checking that an OSS project is well governed, etc.)
  • Should we focus on specific topics? (e.g., community, methodology, etc.)
  • What is the most immediate step to take? short-term? long-term?
  • How do you see your contribution to this group?

Reports and documents

The first discussion took place at Sustain 2020:

April, 14th, 2020. Kick-off meeting:

April, 27th, 2020. Milestone 1:

May, 6th, 2020. Milestone 2:

June 4th, 2020. Second meeting:

July, 7th, 2020. Milestone 3:

July, 28th, 2020. Last Update: