Governance Readiness

Status: Active
Bottom liner: Javier Cánovas
How to get involved: Feel free to contact Javier Cánovas or introduce yourself in the Discourse discussion thread


To define a methodology to identify and deploy healthy governance models.


The main goal of the working group has initially been described as:

  • Create a checklist to verify whether open source projects are ready to deploy some kind of governance (or to change their current governance for a healthy one).

Other complementary goals are:

  • Identification of analysis dimensions in open source projects. It may be needed for the assessment of the current status of the project.
  • List of possible governance models (or most used / recommended)
  • Recommendations/fixes to make your project governance-ready

Guiding questions

  • What do you understand by “governance readiness”? (e.g., ability to be governed, things to change to enable a specific governance models, etc.)
  • What do you understand by “governance checklist”? Do we aim at creating an actual checklist?
  • What should be the actual focus? (e.g., identifying governance models, proposing a change in the model, checking that an OSS project is well governed, etc.)
  • Should we focus on specific topics? (e.g., community, methodology, etc.)
  • What is the most immediate step to take? short-term? long-term?
  • How do you see your contribution to this group?

Reports and documents

The first discussion took place at Sustain 2020.


How to get involved

The working group has just been created. We are still in the process of identifying the actual outcome of the group. Feel free to join and share your view on this topic. Any feedback is welcome.

We plan to have the first online meeting in mid-April, feel free to attend. The main content we plan to discuss is summarized in the report. We will publish the doodle to set the final date soon.

You can contact Javier Cánovas to be included in the loop.