Open Source Funders

Status: Incubating
Bottom liner: Richard Littauer
How to get involved: Email Richard Littauer


To show where the money goes in open source. What funds are sent where? How much does the donation system work, on platforms like Open Collective? How does it work, elsewhere?


  • A report showing donations given to Open Source projects in 2020
  • A platform where users can submit reports of donations they’ve heard about, and where we can aggregate information from multiple donation sites

Guiding questions

  • Does the open source world actually rely on money? If so, how much?
  • What is the impact of large organizations on open source?
  • How do NGOs and non-profits interface with donation-based income streams?

Reports and documents

At the moment, we have a sample blog post for the launch of the product. Eventually, we want to have a report for this year.

How to get involved

Email Richard. Right now, this project is largely on hold while he moves it forward, as he has other priorities; however, with some support, it can boot back up again.