Transparency Goals

Status: Concluded
Bottom liner: Duane O’Brien
Further details: This working group has concluded. You can view details about it in the Discourse discussion thread


To define a goal that encapsulates the need for transparency when engaging with the open source community. This goal will be part of a set of Open Source Accountability Goals that can be used to guide and improve organizationial and individual interactions with the open source community.


  1. To find a transparency related goal that fits well with the Open Source Accountability Goals;
  2. To identify a goal that effectively balances the organizational, individual, and community needs;
  3. To define a transparency goal that can be clearly articulated and measured
  4. To propose a goal that unlocks, enables, or accelerates good corporate accountability in the open source community

Guiding questions

  1. How can we encourage greater transparency from companies who actively participate in the open source community?
  2. When someone commits or aspires to this goal, how are they held accountable?

Reports and documents

The language for the transparency goal was finalized as follows:

Publish documentation of open source policies, processes, and project governance