Governance Guidance

Status: Active
Bottom liner: Javier Cánovas and Greg Bloom
How to get involved: Get in touch with Javi or Greg


To create resources to facilitate creating of governance models in Open Source projects.


Our goals include the elaboration on principles on governance, the definition of a matrix of questions to ask frequently (joining ideas from previous WGs), etc.

Guiding questions

  • How can we guide developers to create efficient governance models?
  • Which principles drive the definition of governance models in your project?
  • Which dimensions should you consider when eliciting governance models?
  • How can you efficiently address governance in recently created projects?

Reports and documents

You will find the reports and documents in this section. Right now, these are a work in progress. Join the group to help make them.


Take a look at the Governance Readiness and Ostrom working groups for resources being drawn specifically into this one.

How to get involved

Just drop an email to Javier Cánovas and/or Greg Bloom.